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Important Activities in the College

Students who are interested in participating in the following activities may contact the concerned staff members mentioned below :
Academic Programmes

Committee Convener
NAAC Dr. G. B. Sarang (Chairman) / Dr. A. M. Shaikh (Convenor)
Admission Prof. S. S. Patole
Time Table Committee Prof. C. R. Salunkhe
Examination & Result Improvement Dr.. S. S. Nale
Student Council Election Prof. H. P. Thorat
Attendance Prof. S. S. Patole
Campus Discipline Prof. H. P. Thorat
Advisory & Grievance Dr. G. B. Sarang
Gymkhana (Sports) Dr. B. G. Yadav
N.S.S. Prof. S. S. Patole / Dr. A.V. Patil/ Prof S.K.Ghumre
N.C.C. Prof. H. P. Thorat
Cultural Dr. B.G.Yadav
Vagmay Mandal & College Functions Dr. Mrs. V. S. Shinde
Planning Forum Prof. C. R. Salunkhe
Science Dr. A. M. Shaikh
Educational Excursion Dr. A. J. Awati
Library Committee Prof. H.P.Thorat
Laboratory Dr. A.M.Shaikh
Staff Welfare Prof. M. K. Kelkar
College B.C. Cell Advisory / GIC & WDC Dr. Sou. V. S. Shinde
Ladies Welfare Prof. M. V. Jeurkar
Career Guidance & Competitive Exam Dr.R.S.Bhalerao
Placement & Consultency Prof. S. S.Bhosale
College Alumni & Past student Welfare Dr.. B. G. Yadav
Purchase Dr. S. S. Nale
U.G.C. Dr. A. M. Shaikh
Research Committee Dr. A. J. Awati
Dead Stock Prof. S. S. Bhosale
Building Maintenance, Campus Developing & Gardening Prof. S.S.Sagar
Unfair Means Dr. A. J. Awati
College Magazine & Publicity Dr. S.S. Patole