Department of English

The Department of English was established in 1992. Mrs. M. V. Jeurkar is H.O.D. and Dr. B. G. Yadav is Assistant Prof. of English Department.  The Department consists of 2 Assistant Professors.  English Literature, Communication Skill in English and Business Communication are the subjects in the department over the years. There has been a strength approximated 500 students studying in the department.  The department boost of quality centre for English Lab capacity 30 students.

F.Y.B.A (English)     Click Here to Download Syllabus of Paper I(Compulsory) / Click Here to Download Syllabus of Bus. Comm. / Click Here to Download Syllabus of Paper I(OPtional)
Semester I Semester II
Communication Skill in English (Compulsory) Communication Skill in English (Compulsory)
Business Communication(Compulsory) Business Communication(Compulsory)
Introduction to Literature(Optional) Introduction to Literature(Optional)
S.Y.B.A (English)    Click Here to Download Syllabus Paper II / Click Here to Download Syllabus Paper III
Semester III Semester IV
Indian English Literature Indian English Literature
American Literature American Literature
Semester V Semester VI
Literary Era I(Elizabethan to New Classical Period) Literary Era II(Elizabethan to New Classical Period)
Literary Criticism Literary Criticism
Grammar and Art of Writing Grammar and Art of Writing

Miss. Jeukar Munalini Vasantrao

  • Assistant Professor and Head Of Department
  • Qualification: M.A.
  • Experience: 25 years
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Dr. Yadav Balasaheb Gopal


Year No. of Students
1. 2012-13 120
2. 2013-14 120
3. 2014-15 120
4. 2015-16 120
5 2016-17 120
  1. English Debate Competition
  2. English Speaking Competition.
  3.  English Eassy Competition
SR.No Name of students Salary Designation
1 Arathi Jadhav 120000 Store keeper
2 Mariam Parkar 100000 School Teacher
3 Nagma parkar 130000 School teacher
4 Azara  Tambe 120000 School Teacher
5 Saher Kazi 84000 School Teacher
6 Mohsina siddhiqui 84000 School teacher
7 Mariyam Kadevekar 120000 School Teacher
8 Ramchandra Kumavat 240000 School  Teacher
9 Alsaminullah  wavgharkar 120000 School Teacher
10 Ayesha Surve 960000 School Teacher