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The Department of Physics is one of the departments of the I.C.S. College of Arts, Commerce and Science College, Khed, Dist. Ratnagiri. It was established in 1996 when the I.C.S. College started offering science faculty. Our B. Sc. Physics program is a semester based two year program split over four semesters. In the academic year 2016-17, the department introduced the credit based system (with choice ) system. The Department also offers skill development programs in Applied / Experimental Physics and Electronics as well as Theoretical Physics. The faculty is engaged in carrying out extensive research in the area of Microwave Dielectric properties of liquids and Electrical, Magnetic and optical properties of Thick films. This helps the students and faculty to update themselves in the subject. The faculty of the Department is young and dynamic with diverse academic background and practical experience. Faculty members are actively engaged in research. Faculty members are also having research collaboration with various institutes in India. Academics of the department is highly innovative and provide lot of practical flexibility. Faculty members of the department participated and attended International/National conferences/workshops with the research and syllabus related activities. Besides the course curriculum, the students get skill training through their skill development oriented project. The students are encouraged to participate in scientific programmes. Apart from regular class room teaching, the department is offering seminars related to general topics for developing students. Much attention is given on student’s soft-skill development. This makes them bold enough for facing interviews in different corporate sectors. In this regard, seminar component is made compulsory for the students wherein every student delivers at least one seminar for each subject. This helps them to develop skills to face the various competitive examinations. We welcome the students to avail the expertise of the faculty by joining courses available in the department…..


Dr. Amol V. Patil

Qualification : M.Sc. Ph.D.  (Nuclear Physics)

Head and Assistant Professor

Profession Experience : 4 Years

Email-ID : avpatil333@gmail.com , avpatil333@rediffmail.com

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Mr. Sudhakar Vithalrao Maske

Qualification : M.Sc.NET  (Nuclear Physics)

Assistant Professor

Profession Experience : 4 Years

Email-ID : sudhakarmaske@gmail.com

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Mr. A.S. Kulkarni


Lab. Assistant

Profession Experience : 17 Years

Email-ID : avadhutk69@gmail.com

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Dr. P. P. Dahivalkar

M.A. Ph.D.

Lab. Attendant

Profession Experience : 18 Years

Email-ID : prerna.dahivalkar@gmail.com

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Available Laboratory
Physics Lab 32 X 20 sq. ft.
Dark Room 16 X 10 sq. ft.
List of Instruments available in Physics Laboratory (only important)
Sr.No Name Of the Instrument Quantity
1 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) 2
2 Frequency generator 2
3 Spectrometer 4
4 Travelling Microscope 4
5 Telescope 1
6 Student Grating 1
7 Prism 2
8 Rectangular Micrometer Slit 01
9 Sodium lamp 01
10 Mercury Source of light 01
11 LDR setup 01
12 Optical Bench 01
13 Lenses 10
14 Fly Wheel 2
15 Keters Pendulum 04
16 Bar Pendulum 01
17 Surface Tension Apparatus 2
18 Torsional Pendulum 1
19 Spiral Spring 1
20 A.C. Means Apparatus 1
21 Variable DC Power Supply 4
22 Dual Power Supply 12V 2
23 Electronic Component Kit 1
24 Bread board 10

Skill Development Program

Sr No Name Of the Program Academic year No Of Student Participited
1 Development of 12 V dual power supply 2015 -2016 16
2 Development of variable digital DC power supply (0-30 V) 2016-2017 20
3 Development of digital voltmeter 2017-2018 24