Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology was established in 1996. This is one of the leading department in the college.  At present the Department of Zoology conducts teaching programmes in Zoology at U.G. Level. Labs in the department are well equipped with all the required equipments and teaching aids, a separate computer lab is established with internet facility and the students are encouraged to use them in their project work. Special efforts are taken by the department to add latest Text books, Reference books and scientific journals in the Central library.

The faculty actively participate and contribute in the design and development of curricula of university courses in Zoology. The faculty is involved in effective teaching, timely consultancy and extension activities.

The faculty of the department are involved in active research and have successfully completed 02 Minor Research Projects &1 Major Research Project. The research activities of the department are well recognized and cover areas such as Biodiversity, Toxicity, Environmental Science, Physiology, Sericulture, and Fisheries. The staff members of the department have published— Research papers in various journals. The students of department have also participated continuously in research activities ‘Avishkar’.




F.Y.B.Sc. (Total papers - 7, Marks 700)    Click Here to Download Syllabus
Compulsary Papers
1. Foundation Course Paper I
Optional Subjects
2. Physics (I, II) Mathematics (I, II) Mathematics (I, II) Group - A
3. Botany (I, II) Zoology (I, II) Chemistry (I, II) Group - B
S.Y.B.Sc. (Total papers - 7, Marks 700)    Click Here to Download Syllabus
Compulsary Papers
1. Foundation Course Paper II
Optional Subjects - Any one group [A / B / C / D]
Group A : Chemistry & Botony Group B : Chemistry & Zoology
Group C : Chemistry & Physics Group D : Chemistry & Maths
T.Y.B.Sc.(Total papers - 8, Marks 800)    Click Here to Download Syllabus
Chemistry Total 6 papers (06 Unit)
Applied Component (Two Papers) : Drugs & Dyes

Dr. A.M.Shaikh

  • Professor & Head of the Department
  • Qualification: M.Sc PhD
  • Profession Experience: 11 Years
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Dr. R.S.Bhalerao

Prof.Rakhi Suresh Shet