Resource Mobilization Policy

1) Diversify and expand its resource base in supporting the achievement of the strategic plans, goals overall growth of this institute.

2) Identify and analyze the resources available for program priorities, policies and efficient budget allocation.

3) Understand the institute’s current donor funding landscape, resources availability and support commitment.

4) Maximize use of internally generated income so as to expand deep relation with stakeholders.


The major source of institutional receipts is grant in aid received from state government salary of the grantable section.

The college is also entitled to utilize some part of student fees as per the rule for meeting routine non salary expenses.

For self finance courses (IT, BMS, BCS) the major source of receipt is the student’s educational fees and the deficit is managed by this institute.

The College also receives UGC plan development grants for Buildings, several Co-curricular and Extra –curricular activities, instruments, books and journal purchases for UG and PG education. The college seeks donations from NGO and individual for improvement in quality of higher education.

With the rapid increase of knowledge and unprecedented scientific and technological development, college is finding difficult to keep pace with the changing needs of users due to the inadequacy of financial resources. In this situation college development not only possible to depend on government funding hence this college is trying to augmenting new areas for resource generation.