Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at I.C.S. College Khed The department was established in the year 2008 with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science. The department has modern facilities for teaching, learning and research. The department offers a wide array of research opportunities and programs of study at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Undergraduate programmes – B.Sc.Computer Science, with rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the department has produced quality professionals holding important positions in the IT industry in India and abroad. The Department started the two years Master of Information Technology (MSc.-Infomation Technology) programme in the year 2016, which was among the first such programmes in Khed Tehsil. The Department programme with the aim to develop core competence in Computer Science and prepare the students to carry out development work, as well as take up challenges in research. Besides these, the Department offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computer Science aimed at producing quality researchers and high-impact interdisciplinary research.
Electives: To supplement the core, elective subjects are offered to provide a better understanding of the technology behind the applications of computing.
Assignments: Along with the theory courses, assignments are given to hone the students ‘analytical and problem solving skills. The assignments provide an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills gained in various courses as they synthesize a solution to a significant, realistic and practical problem.
Projects and Presentation : While conventional methodologies in terms of classroom learning are important, students are provided with considerable exposure to real life situations by way of case studies and projects. Students work in teams to analyze the problem, plan software development and implement a solution. Students work closely with faculty members and periodically make presentations about the technical work and process issues.
Project : To prepare the students for technical positions in the software industry and to give the necessary hands-on practical experience, the curriculum includes a minor project in 3rd semester carrying 8 credits and a major project in 4th semester carrying 20 credits.
Career after B.Sc (Computer-Science):

  • Software developer
  • Software tester
  • Network administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Database designer
  • Database operator
  • Website designer
  • Website developer
  • Teacher
  • Mobile application developer
  • Robotics expert
  • Software analyst
  • Mobile expert
  • Software support analyst.
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3 TYCS Link

Dr. Sachin S. Bhosale

  • Asst. Professor & Head of the Department
  • Qualification: Ph.D. in Information Technology, M.C.M.
  • Profession Experience: 16 Years
  • Email Id :sachin_1978in2002@yahoo.com
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Prof. Ashwini G.Salunkhe

  • Assistance Professor
  • Qualification: M.Sc. (Computer Science).
  • Profession Experience: 10 Years
  • Email Id :ashwinisalunkhe05@rediffmail.com
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Mrs. Akshata A. Chavan

  • Asst. Professor
  • Qualification: M.E. Computer
  • Profession Experience: 05 Years
  • Email Id :chavanakshata1995@gmail.com
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Mrs. Pooja S. Butala

  • Asst. Professor
  • Qualification: B.E.
  • Profession Experience: 4 Years
  • Email Id :
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Mr. Shailesh S. Sutar

  • Asst. Professor
  • Qualification: M.Sc. Information Technology
  • Profession Experience: 05 Years
  • Email Id :shaileshics11@gmail.com
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Mrs. Harshada Vaibhav Nage

  • Asst. Professor
  • Qualification: M.Sc. Information Technology
  • Profession Experience: 02 Years
  • Email Id : harshukhaire111@gmail.com
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Miss. Petkar Neha Rafiq

  • Asst. Professor
  • Qualification: M.Sc. IT
  • Profession Experience: 04 Years
  • Email Id : :petkarneha07@gmail.com
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Miss. Riddhi Mahesh Pawar

  • Asst. Professor
  • Qualification: M.Sc. IT
  • Profession Experience: 02 Years
  • Email Id : riddhipawar175@gmail.com
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Mrs. Pooja Nitin Devrukhkar

  • Asst. Professor
  • Qualification: M.Sc. B.Ed.
  • Profession Experience: 05 Years
  • Email Id :poojapotdar1924@gmail.com
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Welcome To Computer Laboratory…

  • Computer Laboratory:

 Laboratory In-charge: Mr.Amol Kamble

Computer Details 


1. Intel Motherboard-H 61,H81.1. Intel Motherboard-H 61,H81

.2. Hard Disk-1 TB.

3. RAM-4 GB,

4. Monitors-Dell.

5. Dell C.P.U,Keyboards,and Mouse

.6. Processors-Intel I3,I5.

7. Printers-4 Hp and 4 Cannon Laser Printer with Scanner & Xerox Machine.

8. 24 hr UPS Backup System.

9. Hp Laptop with high configuration.

10. Projectors-Epson and Sharp.


1. Microsoft office 2013

2. Microsoft Windows 2000 server

3. Database Enterprise Edition 10 G , Oracle 11 G

4. Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2010

5. Android studio 4.1

6. Microsoft Office  2013

7.JAVA NetBeans IDE 6.8.

8.Scilab-5.5.2,python 3.2.


Toppers List
Year 2018-19
Sr no. Name of Student Rank
1 Mahadik Simran Saros First
2 Makhjankar Afrin Siraj First
3 Kadiri Ayesha Mustufa Second
4 Dhanse Neha Mohamed Yasir Third
Year 2019-20
Sr no. Name of Student Rank
1 Sain Humera Husain First
2 Baig Noorain Tajammul Second
3 Kadvekar Namira Vahid Third
Year 2020-21
Sr no. Name of Student Rank
1 Jagtap Damini Sanjay First
2 Sryawanshi Mohit Sanjay Second
3 Usare Swarup Rajeshri Third
Year 2021-22
Sr no.
Name of Student
1 Pawar Rutuja Sanjay First
2 Dalvi Afra Yusuf Second
3 Nadkar Vishal Vinod Third
Year 2022-23
Sr no. Name of Student Rank
1 More Atharva Anil First
2 Maruf Rida Salim Second
3 Mahadik Safa Sarvar Third