The Department of History was established in ICS College, Khed in 19….Since its inception till date, the college has been imparting student oriented education. Department of History organizes and plans many programs in the college for the overall development of students. The Department tries to increase the intellectual skills of the students. It has a valuable contribution in developing the character, personality and a well-rounded personality. The history department is continuously working for the justice of the students in the college.

Under the guidance of Principal, Director, Board of Directors of the college, the department conducts and organises all departmental student centric activities. This department works with new ideas and concepts.

History Department conducts various educational activities in the college. Faculty of department make maximum use of ICT. Through power point presentation we help them to understand the subject better. Consequently, the students are studying the biographies of the great men and women in history.

Depart collects rare historical pictures and displays them on the board. Picture gallery covering important historical events is made available for the students. Students of FY, SY and Ty get benefited.  The subject of the tapestry corresponds to history. Students are also asked to collect information about Raje Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj who is known as social reformer. Students learned the ideals of Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj who worked for equal justice and rights of the community. Students are shown videos on the different historical events and the life of Maharaj who created a social welfare public welfare administration system.

ICS Students are guided by their faculty to develop interest in research. They are asked to choose their own research topic. The subject faculty guide them in their research work. Students are asked to collect material on the topic chosen by them and study thoroughly. Students usually choose topics for their research from the History of Ancient India, History of Medieval India, History of Modern India, and History of Contemporary India.

History department organizes and plans group discussions on different issues. A topic is given to the them for group discussion through the history department. Students participate in the group discussion after thorough study on that topic. This activity increases the intellectual skills of the students. Positive impact is seen in the speech and behavior of the students.

During the Christmas vacation period, extra hours are organized through the online zoom app for those students who cannot come to the college due to financial condition or some other reason.

The history department organizes remedial coaching classes for some students who are not able to acquire intellectual skills or who are constantly failing in exams.

For the third year history students, the project writing is done by the students as per the guidance of the University of Mumbai.

Apart from teaching academic subjects, History department organizes educational trips for students to historical places.

The college organizes and plans many programs on the occasion of birth anniversary of eminent persons like social reformers, freedom fighters who forced history to be recorded through their own work.

The Department of History enhances the academic quality of the college along with conducting many programs and activities.

For those students who pay maximum attention to the competitive exam, notes, competitive exam book, and question papers prepared by the history department are provided to the students. Time to time guidance makes it easier for students to crack the exam.

Internal objective test is conducted through online mode for BAFY, BASY and BATY for history students this exam is important.

This activity makes the college student active. Works for the benefit of society. This student is taking a step towards progress.

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Sr. No. Post Name of Faculty Qulification Years of Experience Contact Photo Profile(PDF)
1 Head and Professor Prof(Dr) Ravindra Baburao Jadhav M.A.B.ed.M.phil.Ph.D. in History 11 Years 7385114609 Profile