Department Summary
Department of Geography
The Department of Geography has established in the year 1992 .The department is headed by
Prof. Dr. Anita Awati since the beginning till date. She is M.A. Ph.D. and has pursued Ph.D
from SNDT University in January 2009. Dr. Anita Awati is elected as Board of Study
member in Geography twice. (2010- 2015 & 2017- continue.) She has received Savitribai
Phule Best Teacher award of University of Mumbai in the year 2010-11. She is recognizes
PhD Guide of Mumbai University.She has also worked as chairperson in various Syllabus
Committee& Examination committee of university and contributed in other committees as a
University representative and resource person for workshops/ webinars. She is associated
with various women, environment, Tourism related associations/ organisations as a social
responsibility and giving her best for improvement of girls and weaker students from college
and society. Prof. Dr. Agam D.D. is retired 31st may 2020 after servicing 28 years in the
Department of Geography.
Another member of the Geography Department who has recently joined is Mr. Rajesh
Kamble who is M.A., B.Ed. and NET qualified. Also pursuing his Ph.D. The Geography
Department is planning to organize few courses related to Tourism Management &GIS,
Remote Sensing for the students from rural background to make them self-dependent.
The Department offers the subject Geography at undergraduate level for Arts students and
Environmental Studies for commerce students.
The students are taken for excursion and field trips every year to the different parts of India,
they are encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate Quiz, seminars, presentation
competition, exhibition etc. The Department also organises syllabus oriented workshops with
the collaboration of BOS in Geography University of Mumbai, Seminars/conferences every
The department of Geography is enriched by various Topomap, NATMO Maps, Weather
maps, Surveying Levelling instruments and Weather instruments. Department of Geography
has computers for students practical and students can do the practice as per their convenience.
Department has its own LCD Projector for use since 2010 which is useful for slide shows &
PPT presentations not only college students but is used for the presentations in nearby
schools/colleges also.
1. To impart the Knowledge of Human and Physical Geographyas the main branches of
2. To introduce the students about map work and map interpretation.
3. To enable the students about the use of advanced tools and techniques in the subject
i.e.Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS as a new option of carrier.
4. To aware the Students regarding the resources of country through fieldwork at local and
regional level for better future.
The Department of Geography has the following degree course

FYBA I Human Geography
II Environment Geography
SYBA III Geography of Maharashtra
III Agricultural Geography
IV Geography of India
IV Geography of Tourism
TYBA V Geomorphology
V Rural Settlement Geography
V Tools and Techniques in Geography for Spatial Analysis – I
VI Environment Geography
VI Geography of Tourism and Recreation
VI Tools and Techniques in Geography for Spatial Analysis- II
FYBcom SEM – I & II- Environmental Studies
FYBA/BCOM/BSC- SEM I & II – Foundation Course
SYBA/BCOM/BSC- SEM III & IV – Foundation Cours

Sr. No. Post Name of Faculty Qulification Years of Experience Email Contact Profile(PDF)
1 Head and Professor Dr. Anita Jaipal Awati M. A. Ph. D. 30 Years 9960033567 Profile
2 Assistant Professor Mr. Vipul Trimbakrao Gaikwad M.A. NET,SET 02 Years 9158442609 Profile
Department of Geography
Teaching-Learning Resources
v Maps
1. Thematic maps
              i) World Physical & Political
              ii) India Physical & Political
iii) Maharashtra Physical & Political
iv) America Political
v) Structure of the Earth
vi) Blank World Map
2. Toposheets
3. Weather maps
4. Landforms Charts
5. Map Globe
6. Compass Box
v Modern equipments
1. GPS
2. Telescope
v Survey Instruments
1. Plane Table Set
2. Prismatic Compass
3. Abney Level
4. Clinometer
5. Dumpy Level
6. Mirror Stereoscope
7. Pocket Stereoscope
v Weather Instruments
1. Simple Thermometer
2. Minimum and Maximum Thermometer
3. Thermograph
4. An Aneroid Barometer
5. Wet Dry Bulb Thermometer
6. Hair Hygrometer
7. Dry & Wet Hygrometer
8. Wind Vane Apparatus
9. An Aneomometer
10. Rain Gauge
11. Digital Altimeter
12.  Binocular
13.  Portable Weather Station


TIME TABLE (2023-24)


Sr. No. Time Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 08.00 to 8.48 FY
SY Geo Geo Geo Geo
TY Geo Geo
2 08.48 to 09.36 FY Geo Geo F.C.-I F.C.-I
TY Geo Geo Geo
3 09.36 to 10.25 FY Geo Geo Geo
TY Geo
4 10.40 to 11.28 FY F.C.-I
SY   Geo Geo
TY Geo Geo  
5 11.28 to 12.16 FY
TY Geo Geo
6 12.16 to 01.04 FY Geo



1)Barmare Neha Hasan

2) Bhandarkar Akshaya Ashok

3) Kapse Ashwini Ashok


1) Firfire Sadaf Mahmed

2) Maldoikar Aarzoo Sameer

3) Jankar Ramesh Bayayi


1) Mayuri Madhura Mhapralkar

2) Sandip Dhau Akhade

3) Madhavi Harishachandra Mandavkar


1) Jadhav Gauri Baliram

2) Lumeza Sayeed Tambe

3) Hasina Shabbir Nadkar


1) Priti Sunil Kadam

2) Kochare Pooja Mangesh

3) Pranali Pradip Bhosale

Sr. No. Title file
1 A study of watershed land use land cover in the upper kundalika river basin file
2 Potential of New Tourism Types in Konkan- A Geographical Study file
3 Sustainable Coastal Tourism Development in Ratnagiri District file
4 vulnerability to diseases on account of inaccesibility to water and sanitation a case study on greater mumbai file
5 problems and potential of fort tourism in south konkan file