Virtual Classroom

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Name Department Video URL
Dr. G. B. Sarang History
Prof. H. P. Thorat Mathematics
Dr. A. J. Awati Geography Click to Open
Dr.S. S. Patole Marathi
Dr. V. S. Shinde Hindi Click to Open
Dr. S. S. Nale Economics
Prof Ms. M. V. Jeurkar English Click to Open
Prof. D. D. Agam Geography
Dr. C. R. Salunkhe Commerce Click to Open
Prof. M. K. Kelkar Accountancy Click to Open
Dr. B. G. Yadav English Click to Open
Dr. A. M. Shaikh Zoology Click to Open
Dr. R. S. Bhalerao Zoology Click to Open
Prof. Mr. S. K. Ghumbre Chemistry Click to Open
Dr. S. M. Bhagat Chemistry
Mr. S. S. Sagar Chemistry Click to Open
Mr. S. S. Kekane Chemistry Click to Open
Dr. A. V. Patil Physics Click to Open
Mr. S. V. Maske Physics
Dr. Y. B. Khalate Economics
Mr. R.R. Kamble Economics
Dr. D. S. Karle History
Prof. S.A.Guhagarkar Botany
Prof. A.S.Pangarkar Account
Prof. S.A.Momere Commerce
Prof. R.S.Shet - -
Prof. Sachin Bhosale Information Technology / Computer Science / Managements Studies Click to Open
Mr. Vinayak Pujari Information Technology
Mr. Amit Jadhav Computer Science
Prof. Mrs.Vijaya Barphe Managements Studies
Prof.Mr.Shrikant S. Mohite Information Technology
Prof. Mr. Shashikant P. Patil Computer Science
Prof. Ashwini G. Salunkhe Information Technology
Prof.Anita P. Mane Computer Science
Prof. Mamata M. Ghadashi Managements Studies
Prof. Mr.Divyesh Ganesh Nagarkar Managements Studies
Prof. Mrs.Poonam Machindranath Mane Computer Science
Prof. Ms.Namita Vinod Kolage Computer Science
Prof. Mr.Rohan Shridhar Khedekar Information Technology
Prof. Mr.Nyamatulla. H. Mullaji Managements Studies
Prof. Mrs.Ashwini Vasant Kadale -
Prof. Ms.Shahista Tajuddin Tisekar Managements Studies
Prof. Ms.Shilpa B. Tiwari Information Technology