Welcome To Women Hostel…

Hostel Facilities:-

-One of the major concerns of parents about their wards is the facilities of stay and food.

-Sahajeevan Shikshan Sanstha’s I.C.S of Arts,Science & Commerce College parental care to girl students residing in the hostel.

-66 girl students can be accommodated in the ladies hostel. 22 rooms available in hostel. T.V and Games also available in hostel.

-Aqua guard system is installed for drinking water.Uninterrupted power supply is provided with the help of generators. Stringent security and discipline norms are induced to avoid any ill elements to enter the campus.

-24 Hours Free Wi-Fi access to all. Ladies hostel offers some special facilities like cooking gas. Hostel Staff staying in each hostel building helps to maintain study atmosphere in the hostel campus.Beautiful green campus of hostel makes their every morning wishful and evenings memorable.


-Sahajeevan Shikshan Sanstha’s I.C.S of Arts, Science & Commerce College provided the main objective of the Scheme is to make higher study education accessible to larger number of all eligible girl students.

-Girl students are not denied the opportunity to continue their study due to distance to College, parents financial affordability and other connected societal factors.

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Special Rules for Women:-

1.No resident is allowed to leave the Hostel premises after 6:45 P.M.

2.If you want to Go Home after 15 days by giving out pass Of local parents signature.

3.Do not go home by missing lectures.

4.The student who wants to go home for any reason should first obtain permission from the Director-Principal/Principal., and on the basis of that she will seek the Warden’s permission to leave the hostel, failing which the entire responsibility will be of the student concerned and of the parents.

5.No other student will be permitted in the Girls Hostel with any excuse & parent can not allow to enter in hostel without permission.

6.The Responsibility to every student make a clean Washroom and Toilets & premises.

7.Use of Stove, iron, Mobile strictly prohibited.

8.Do not disturb study environment in Hostel.

9.After 7 P.M no any phone call is not allow.

Hostel Fees:-

Women hostel rooms Fees 9000/- per year

Women Hostel Committee
Sr.No Name Designation
1 Prin.Dr.G.B.Sarang Chairman
2 Dr.Mrs.V.S.Shinde Co-Ordinator
3 Prof.Sachin.S.Bhosale Memeber
4 Dr.B.G.Yadhav Member
5 Prof.S.S.Sager Member
6 Shri.D.M.Shinde Member
7 Mrs.U.U.Hendre Member
8 Prof.Miss.Ashwini Salunkhe Secretory
9 Miss.Pranita Bhekare Students Representative