Five Days International Faculty Development Program on- “Gateway to Innovation” 

Organized by

I.C.S. College of Arts, Commerce and Science Khed, Ratnagiri, Maharatshtra


Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

in Association with

Department of Information Technology, Computer Science, and Management Studies.

Date: 22 June to 26 June 2020.

Time: 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Schedule of FDP/ Webinar

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Sr. No. Date Time Name of Resources Person Designation Topic Name Session Feedback Link
1 22 June 2020 11.25 am To 12.30 pm Miss. Preeti Vaidya Design Engineer At Rivian, US New Trends and Bright Opportunities Upcoming
2 22 June 2020 12.35 pm To 1.30 pm Mr. Prashant Keravadekar Coordinat or Professional Courses, S.R.M. College, Kudal, Sindhudurg,Maharashtra, India. Google Classroom
3 23 June 2020 11.25 am To 12.30 pm Dr. Hiren Dand HOD BSc(IT) & MSc(IT), Mulund College of Commerce, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. E-Content Development
4 23 June 2020 12.35 pm To 1.30 pm Mrs. Manali Sheth Managing Director, eSoft Development and Technologies,Johannesburg Area, South Africa Emerging Technologies in day to day Education
5 24 June 2020 11.25 am To 12.30 pm Dr.(Mrs.) R Sivaramangi Head and Asst. Professor at Department of IT, University of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Cyber Crime Awareness and Cyber Hygiene
6 24 June 2020 12.35 pm To 1.30 pm Dr.Amol Patil Head and Asst. Professor of Physics Dept. I.C.S. College of Arts, Commerce and Science Khed, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India. Use of Testmoz Software for Online Examination
7 25 June 2020 11.25 am To 12.30 pm Dr. Rajendra Patil Asst. Prof. at Vidyalankar School of Information Technology, Mumbai. AI in Education
8 25 June 2020 12.35 pm To 1.30 pm Mr. Kaushik Karandikar Full Stack Developer, Coronado Springs, US. React Angular and Node Js.
9 26 June 2020 11.00 am To 11.20 am Dr.Nayan P Gandhi INTERNATIONAL NLP LIFE COACH ,BOARD OF DIRECTOR :-ECNLP AUSTRIA (VIENNA) INDIA CHAPTER CHAIRMAN GSW FOUNDATION HR HEAD ITRACK CV CONSULTING DIVISION Need of Real Skill Based Leadership Traits :- Key For Being Excellent  Faculty 
10 26 June 2020 11.25 am To 1.00 pm Mr. Vipul Saluja FHead & Asst. Prof. , Dept. Computer Science, R.D. National College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Blockchain Technologies.

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*No Registration Fees

*E-Certificates will be provided to Participants who attend FDP.

*Please fill your details properly.

*There will be no changes made once certificates is issued.

*On Basis of from, if wrong emails are provided it won’t be sent.

*E-Certificates will be given after feedback forms are duly filled by the participants.

*Session will be handled via Zoom Application.

Interested faculty from Colleges can register. Kindly share the same with your colleagues….

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For Further details contact:

1)Mr. Sachin S. Bhosale,(9850815512)


M.Sc. I.T., B.Sc. I.T., B.Sc. C.S., B.M.S.


2) Mr. Vinayak I. Pujari,(9860786976/8830136334)

Asst. Prof.,

M.Sc. I.T. & B.Sc. I.T.


With Warm regards


Dr. G. B. Sarang, Principal,

I.C.S. College of Arts, Commerce and Science,

Khed, Ratnagiri,