This institute is initiated Remedial Coaching to the students who could not pass particular course as well as those who would like to improve their performance in certain courses. The purpose is to improve the performance and quality of students and to capacitate them.

The Centre for Coaching and counselling is providing Remedial Coaching for various courses and Language Proficiency & Personality Development classes. The students, who are eligible to join the coaching program, will be given admission based on the performance of academic record and Entrance test/interview organized by the centre.

In order to enable students who need remedial coaching to come up to the level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently and reduce their failure and drop out rates, a Centre for Coaching and counselling for Remedial Coaching was established in the college with the objective of organizing Remedial Coaching at the Under-Graduate level.

The college strives to develop specific competencies of the students that may contribute to their academic and professional success. In this context mentoring of students is immensely important. We have accepted the value of mentoring and the faculty members try to informally mentor the students. Teacher’s help students interpret undergraduate program guidelines and clarify different aspects of curriculum. They constantly encourage students to come forward with their ideas at all stages of development. Students are motivated to expand their skills. Faculty members are approachable and help in advancing the academic and professional goals through sharing guidance, experience and expertise. Students come from an increasingly diverse background, therefore teachers personally interact and try to help them to adapt to changes in a graceful manner. Students start identifying with the teacher. Mentoring supports

students’ advancement in pedagogical skill. They can handle stressful or difficult situation well. It also lowers stress level and builds confidence of the students. As we have students from different strata of society and with the experience of interacting with the students our college teachers have developed two different type of coaching to students :

Remedial Coaching :

The U.G.C. has introduced the Remedial Coaching Scheme for SC / ST Students w.e.f. 1994. The scheme aims at improving the academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students in the various subjects and raising their level of comprehension in such subjects where qualitative technical and laboratory work is involved and reduce their failure and dropout rate. In pursuance of this our college has also introduced the scheme for slow learners.


Objectives :

1)            To strengthen their knowledge skills and attitudes in such subjects, where quantitative and qualitative techniques are involved so that the necessary guidance and training provided may enable the students to pursue higher studies efficiently.

2)            To prepare slower students for competitive exams.

3)            Scheme of remedial coaching at Undergraduate level for students belonging to weaker sections and minorities.

Organization of the Scheme :

The students classified into groups, each consisting of not more than 25 students in each subject and each group may be placed under the charge of one teacher. So that the responsibility could be fixed and teachers are in a position to develop rapport with the assigned group and monitor the progress of the students. Coordinator will be responsible for coordination and ensure effective implementation of the coaching program, in addition to actual teaching in the classes.

Method of Teaching :

Remedial Classes are organized on working days after the regular teaching hours of the college are completed. Remedial coaching classes are completed before the commencement of exams and model question papers are solved with the students by the respective subject teachers.

Enhancement Coaching   :

Some students not only have the necessary KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) to be successful, but fail in properly utilizing them for academic enhancement. Such students remain in the Average Learners Category even though they should be in Advanced Learners Category. There may be occasional performance issues, and our teacher’s primarily focus on helping them achieve even greater goals and plans. It is these high performance students who can bring many laurels to our college from time to time.

Organization of the Scheme   :

Not all gifted students in your classroom will be identified and even those who are may not always appear to be gifted. Gifted students come from all ethnic groups, they are both boys and girls, and they live in both rural and urban areas. Students who are intellectually gifted demonstrate many characteristics, including: a bright ability to think abstractly, an ability to learn and process complex information very rapidly; and a need to explore subjects in depth. Students who demonstrate these characteristics learn differently. Thus, they have unique academic needs. The teacher’s are fixed with the responsibility of finding out such students through constant observation towards the students in the class during the regular lectures. Each teacher comes out with a unique subject program for such students apart from actual teaching in the regular lectures.

Method of Teaching   :

1)            Offer a Range of Texts : Advanced Learners are offered a range of text books and reference book available with the teachers and college library to understand the topic in more depth.

2)            Ask Deeper Questions :   Advanced Learners are encouraged to move from the factual to the conceptual.

3)            Do the Research :   Advanced Learners are also motivated and encouraged to participate in various Inter-College, Inter-University, National Level and International Level curricular or research programs.

4)            Get Creative   :   In addition to participating in international economic conferences they are also made to participate in Literary and Debating, Essay Competitions and so on.


Contact Numbers :

1)            Dr. Sanjay Patole. 9420154996

2)            Prof. S. K. Kekane. 9669993808