I.C.S. College has produced galaxy of National levels sports persons in last 25 years. Our college participate in nearly 11 sports events at the Inter Collegiate University of Mumbai tournaments of Men and Women. Nearly 500 students participate in the selection tract in various sports conducted by Gymkhana in order to select the best to represent our college at the inter collegiate district and University level Tournaments.

Our college provided training facility for students in Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Cross Country, Taekwondo, Carom, Chess different grounds and venues. Special allowances are given to students who participate at Zonal and University levels. The University of Mumbai gives 10 Grace marks to students who reached the first 9 position in individual and team championship. We have recreation games like chess, Table-Tennis, Carrom facility for the students to pay with different timing for boys and girls. We call students to come and participate in all sports activities of our Gymkhana.

We also organised Inter College Tournament Volleyball and Langadi in our college.. Students are requested to see the Gymkhana. Notice Board to keep them update about various sports.

Sr.No. Name of Student Name of Game Year Zonal Level University Level West Zone Level National Level
1 Tejas Bhairvakr Taekwondo 2018 Gold Bronz
2 Tejas Bhairvakr Taekwondo 2019 Gold Gold participated
3 Harshada Parte Taekwondo 2021 Gold Silver
4 Harshada Parte Taekwondo 2022 Gold Bronz
5 Saurabh Bandre Discus Throw 2022 Gold Participated
6 Priyanka Jadhav Yoga 2022 Gold Silver Selected
7 Harshada Parte Taekwondo 2023 Gold Gold Selected Participated
8 Siddharth Vaykar Taekwondo 2023 Gold Silver
9 Saurabh Bandre Discus Throw 2023 Silver Participated
10 Akash Lad High Jumb 2023 Silver Participated
11 Sai Darekar 400 Mtr. Running 2023 Silver Participated
12 Hemant Pawar Power Lifing 2023 Bronz Participated
13 Nishant Shirke Power Lifing 2023 Bronz Participated
14 Hemant Pawar Best Physique 2023 Gold Participated
15 Kishor Mhapadi Best Physique 2023 Gold Participated