Institutional Distinctiveness

“Mission Innovation” might refer to a program, initiative, or campaign undertaken by a college with the goal of fostering innovation and advancing particular objectives. This can encompass a variety of areas, but in the context of education, research, and technology, it often involves initiatives aimed at promoting innovation in teaching, learning, and research practices.
Mission innovation as an institutional distinctiveness. The Concept of mission innovation is finalized in the meeting of governing Council before beginning of every academic year, by taking input from every department, specific innovation for next academic year is decided & accordingly plan is prepared which is implemented effectively with the support of all section of the institution.

Following are the innovation as per the academic Year:

1. Mission Innovation 2018-19: Environment Consciousness
2. Mission Innovation 2019-20: Techno Year
3. Mission Innovation 2020-21: ICT Infrastructure
4. Mission Innovation 2021-22: Cultural & Sports
5. Mission Innovation 2022-23: Collaboration for Exchange Program

6. Mission Innovation 2023-24: NEP


Title: Mission Innovation 2018-19: Environment Consciousness
The primary objective of this initiative is to instill a heightened sense of environmental consciousness within the college community. It aims to promote sustainable practices, foster awareness about environmental issues, and encourage innovative solutions to reduce the ecological footprint of the college.
Our college have been Organized Environmental Activities like Khule me Shouch se Azadi, Clean India, Swachhta hi Seva, Waste Plastic Collection, Cleanliness at different places, Tree plantation, Cleanliness Program. Under the activity of Khule me shouch se Azadi our students were focused on how the people face these problems and how to overcome it. To show the awareness our students visited on different places for tree plantation as well they have cleaned the places where they had visited.

Title: Mission Innovation 2019-20: Techno Year
The primary objective of this initiative is to instill a heightened sense of student affairs office, technology departments, or any groups involved in organizing events. Any official social media pages, websites, or online platforms associated with college or the event. Sometimes, organizations use these platforms to share updates and information.
Since our “TECHNO-YEAR” news bulletin remains focused on its core purpose of helping to showcase the departmental activities, it gives us an immense pleasure to release this issue. This volume includes the Workshops organized, Technical talks, Industrial visits arranged, and Staff & Students contributions, achievements of staff & students and overall academic contributions. Our College have been Organized a workshop on Advance Web Programming, Database Management System, Mobile Application and Development, Internet of Things, Marketing Management, Finance Management, Cyber Security, E-commerce and Digital Management, Project Management & workshop on Application of Patent law.

Title: Mission Innovation 2020-21: ICT Infrastructure
The primary objective of this initiative is to provide the teachers and students of the college to impart ICT enabled teaching and learning environment.
The summary of ICT infrastructure and services provided by the college are as follow:
ICT Enabled Classrooms and Seminar Halls: The college has been using various types of ICT tools to impart education. To enhance the skills and knowledge of the students, the college provides ICT Facilities in class Rooms and Seminar Halls, with the help of ICT tools our organization organized some workshop such as Workshop on understanding of IPR its usage for Industry, Workshop on IPR and its Application, Workshop on understanding of IPR its Usage, Workshop on Trademark in Business, Workshop on Teaching Learning Process, Online Quiz Competition, Program on Soft Skills enhancement, Program on Human Resource Management, etc.

Title: Mission Innovation 2021-22: Cultural & Sports
Cultural and sports activities play a crucial role in creating a vibrant and engaging college campus environment. They contribute to the holistic development of students, promote diversity and inclusion, and enhance overall well-being. These cultural and sports activities contribute to a dynamic and inclusive campus life, fostering a sense of community and providing students with opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and social interaction. The key is to create a well-balanced program that caters to diverse interests and encourages active participation from the student.
Our college have been Organized Cultural and Sports activities like Traditional Day, Yellow Day, Cricket, Chess, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Taksh, Volley Ball, & Annual Gathering, etc.

Title: Mission Innovation 2022-23: Collaboration for Exchange Program
It contributes to the broader goal of preparing students for a globally interconnected world. This program also aims to enrich the educational experience, promote cultural diversity, and foster academic collaboration. Here’s a detailed description of such a program like Student Exchange which helps in Academic Experiences and Cultural Immersion, Faculty Exchange which helps in Knowledge Sharing and professional developnment, Cross-Cultural Programs which helps in cultural events and activities & Language Exchange, Assessment and Evaluation which helps in academic performance and feedback mechanism.
Our college students visited in many institute for collaboration like Shri Bhausaheb Vartak kala, vanijya,Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya and sheth kanhaji V. Parekh kala ani Vanijya Kanishth Mahavidyalaya. Boriwali, Dapoli Urban Senior Science College, Dapoli. Tq. Dapoli. Dist. – Ratnagiri. , Dnyandeep College of Science and Commerce, khed. Dist. – Ratnagiri. , Lokanet Gopinathaji munde Art’s, Commerce and Science College, Mandangad. Tal. Mandangad, Dis. – Ratnagiri, S.P. Hegshetye College of Art’s, Commerce and Science, Ratnagiri. , KAS Barns College of Art’s and Commerce and science. Panvel. , Mangoan shikshan prasarak Mandal’s D.G. Tatkare Mahavidyalay Arts, Science, Commerce Mangoan. Dist. Ratnagiri. , T.B.K. Arts, Comm. And Science college Bharana Tq. Khed. Dist Ratnagiri, Uran Education Societies College of Management and Technology palakMaidanBori. Uran, Navi Mumbai. , N. K. Varhadkar arts & R.V. Belose Commerce College Dapoli. Tal, Dapoli. Dist. – Ratnagiri. , Shri. GopinathMahadeoVedakPratishthan’s G. M.Vedak College of science, tala,tq. tala, dist. Raigad, Maharashtra., Vishwabhushan Bhartratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College at vidynagari. Post Amadave. Tq. Mandangad, dist. Ratnagiri.

Title: Mission Innovation 2023-24: NEP
On 29th July 2020, the Union Cabinet of India approved the New Education Policy, which replaced the old Education Policy of India. The NEP 2020 is based on a few fundamentals, such as Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability and Accountability. The aims and Objectives of NEP 2020 are more focused on the holistic development of students and also the inclusion of all types of students irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion.
For smoothly and successfully implementation of NEP 20 at our institute, it is decided Institutional Distinctiveness as Mission Innovation 2023-24: NEP 2020. Institution has planned various workshops, trainings and awareness programs for Teachers, Administrative staff, non-reaching staff, Students and nearby junior college students.